Lead Mechanical Design Engineer


Despite years of foreign aid and government efforts, 2.6 billion people across the world continue to live without sanitation. The problem is particularly acute in the informal settlements where the density of population is very high and the availability of infrastructure and services is extremely low. There is a clear and present need for new models to deliver sanitation services, especially in these quickly expanding urban slums.  Sanergy provides low cost latrines to aspiring entrepreneurs using a franchise model, then collects the waste daily and uses it to produce electricity and fertilizer.

Sanergy Business Model

The number of people who lack access to improved sanitation facilities is staggering, and installing new latrines will be a long process taking place over many years.  In order to help those still using old, broken down, and out of service latrines, Sanergy has decided to use the bike powered vacuum pump I developed for my Master’s dissertation.  By using the P-Quad to ensure that the existing latrines in the slums stay in operation while they are slowly upgraded to the Sanergy model, Sanergy will provide more jobs for the local population while providing a transition solution on the way to full installation of improved facilities.

The People Powered Poop Pump (P-Quad)